Vicks Germ Free Series V790N Review

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PROS / The Vicks V790N kills germs by passing water through a UV light and then boiling it.

CONS / It is difficult to contact customer service by telephone.

VERDICT / This warm mist humidifier comes with loads of functional and germ-killing features that are ideal for sick adults.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 about humidifiers here.

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The Vicks V790N is a vaporizer-style humidifier that is very effective at increasing the germ-free moisture in your home and providing relief from symptoms caused by colds and flu. This unit provides warm, germ-free mist in two ways. First the water is passed over a patented ultraviolet lighting system to render it virtually germ free, then it is boiled to make the steam that eventually leaves the unit. Germ-free mist is especially desirable if some people in your home are already sick and you don’t want the humidifier to pass the germs around or if your locale is particularly prone to mold or mildew. However, be aware that the boiling water in the unit can pose a risk to small children, so this humidifier is best suited for adult sick rooms.

Instead of the one heavy tank found on most humidifiers, this one has two translucent 1-gallon tanks that make it easy to see when the water is low, and they can each be refilled independently. The unit dispenses two gallons of water a day. When the tanks run out of water, the unit’s safety shut-off feature kicks in and turns the humidifier off automatically. This prevents the possibility of overheating and helps preserve the longevity of the machine’s motor. An automatic shut-off feature is especially useful in steam units, as the heating element also uses a lot of electricity.

You do not need to buy a separate humidity meter, known as a humidistat, as this unit comes with its own. It measures the amount of moisture in the air so you can make adjustments as needed, using the manual dial located on the front of the machine.

Kaz, a manufacturer of healthcare devices, makes Vicks humidifiers. While the Vicks website does provide a contact form and a FAQs page of commonly asked questions, if you want to speak with a live agent, the telephone number is located on the Kaz website. We waited a long time before reaching a person, which was frustrating. The emails we sent, also to a Kaz address, were answered appropriately on the same day. However the first contact was an auto response that informed us our email would be answered in three to five days. So, support may take a little longer than you’d like it to.


The Vicks V790N warm-mist humidifier has twin tanks that are lighter and easier to refill than humidifiers with larger single tanks. It also has a built-in humidistat and high mist output. Add extra germ-killing features that will be appreciated during the flu season, and this model makes a good humidifier for use in the adult sick room.

Vicks Germ Free Series V790N Visit Site