The Venta Sonic VS205 humidifier offers a long running time and large quantity of mist that many people will appreciate.

This unit is designed to keep a room of up to 600 square feet comfortable by producing 583 cubic centimeters of humidity per hour. Depending on specific atmospheric conditions, it will run for 24 hours on one tank of water, so you will not have to worry about this machine very often. Its ultrasonic design means that it is virtually silent, which will resolve one of the chief complaints about air humidifiers of the past.

You get a fair amount of choice as you zero in on your preferred settings for this appliance. You can opt for either warm or cool mist, though it does not offer the warmest of warm mist, and you can set the spray power. You can also aim the nozzle to different parts of the room as needed.

This air humidifier does not offer a humidistat for monitoring moisture levels in your home, but that can easily be purchased separately. It is also without a nightlight, which is not important to every user, but we prefer to have one.

This is one of the humidifiers we looked at that employs silver coating as a method of combating bacterial growth, and an included cleaning brush should also help you keep away build-up of any kind, including calcium and lime-scale. A clear tank will make it easy to monitor water levels, and this unit is designed to shut itself off if it runs out of water so that it will not overheat.

The one-year warranty seems a little less impressive when compared to the three-year warranty on other units, but it's still pretty good. We also got good responses from this company on our emailed inquiries and phone inquiries, and its website is pretty helpful, if not the most detailed.

Venta Sonic VS205 Summary:

Though some people will miss extras such as a built-in humidistat, timer modes and a nightlight, the Venta Sonic VS205 humidifier is a solid choice for the quantity of moisture it adds to the air, its ultra-quiet operation and more.

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Venta Sonic VS205

This humidifier is virtually silent.

No humidistat means you have to buy one or guess the humidity levels in your home.

The Verdict
: 8.03/10

This efficient machine produces a large quantity of mist and runs for a long time between refills.